Hello world!

by alteleki

Yet another blog, to satisfy writers, to satisfy readers. A needle in a haystack. Anything so special that I want to say? Maybe, not up to me to judge. But I do have many thoughts and I’d like to share them. As the poet Huidobro said <<create, that is the signature of time>>.

What kinds of things do I want to post here? I’d like to use this platform to share my thoughts and ideas about art, science, and science&art. These are my two professions and dedications. Passions? Hardly, its a matter of producing. Its a personal and internal search for my Ariadne, that element which becomes the drive of curiosity, the internal click, the way out of the labyrinth of locked in thoughts and ideas to an external world.

Call me pornographic if you wish, but I want to expose this internal process, as if I was an aquarium and my thoughts were the fish inside; as if I was a maze with a rat finding its way out. And you, the reader, can peep inside my mind and the course of my thoughts.

Dada: Too stupid to be schizophrenic. C.G. Jung.